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Introducing the Daily Favor: Faith & Favor Series

My New Book … it’s in the works!

When we began our new phase in our journey with Jesus in July (2016), I said that I had exciting news for you.  Well, I’ve been sitting on this for over two years and am ecstatic to share the good news with you. 
The first draft of my book for this series is finished!  How wonderful to see it printed out, even though it needed much editing.  So if some of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing lately, this is it.
Right now I’m making the corrections (that we actually caught) on the first draft.  It’s funny how much more you find when it’s in print.
I’ll be sharing some of my progress as I go and will be showing you the preliminary ideas for the cover.  I hope you will continue to journey with me as I step out onto another road with Jesus.
Until next time, stay blessed and favored! 
Favored Blessings - Fay

Maybe you don’t know the Living God that I know, but would like to have this kind of favor in your life also.  Click on the above tab “Tell Me” for more information on becoming a child of the Savior.

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